Covid Update September 12 2022

Kia Ora As you are likely aware the government has announced that at midnight tonight we are moving to a New long-term strategy for managing COVID-19. These changes have been made based on public health advice and reflect high levels of immunity and declining case numbers across New Zealand. This

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Announcement : 

Covid Update August 19 2022

Mask Update – August 2022

As we know there continues to be Covid-19, as well as a lot of winter flu and other illnesses across the city. Continueing to take care and look after yourselves and your families is still really important.

Please continue to support us with managing Covid and the flu this winter:

  • By staying at home if you or your child is unwell, or still showing symptoms of flu like illnesses
  • By continuing to maintain your personal hygiene practices.

For the first four weeks of this term, students (Year 5-10) and staff (unless they had a medical exemption) were expected to wear masks while indoors at school.  This was based on advice from the Ministries of Edcuation and Health issued at the end of the term break.

With the case numbers decreasing this advice has now been updated.  As a reuslt from Monday 22nd August (next week) the following will apply:

From Monday 22 August mask wearing for staff and students when indoors will become optional, but is still strongly recommended.

Thank you for your support with mask wearing over the last four weeks as we have endeavoured to minimise the effects of Covid-19 and influenza over this winter period.

Thank you for your ongoing prayers and support.


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