Red House:    

  • Solomon Waldron (Head student)
  • Aaliyah Carrington

Green House:  

  • Natalie Huls
  • Junho Kim

Yellow House:

  • Nathan Neale
  • Estelle van Wichen

Blue House:   

  • Daniel Nashed
  • Heather Miller 


The Student council

2017 Student Council

2017 Student Council

The whole school benefits from organised student involvement in decisions and activities at school. The Student Council has an important role in providing leadership opportunities in school activities through service and to involve children in class and school communication processes. The Student Council has a particular responsibility to ensure through their leadership activities and service, they emphasise and promote the Special Christian Character of our school.

  • Estelle van Wichen (Head of Student Council)
  • Solomon Waldron (Head Student)
  • Nika Klok
  • Megan Greve
  • Heather Miller
  • Nathan Morrison
  • Junho Kim
  • Bella Henderson
  • Charlie Henderson
  • Charlotte Henderson