The Emmanuel Christian Board of Trustees have set the uniform requirements for the school and is managed by delegation to the Principal and parent representitives on the uniform committee:

The School Uniform Shop is located next to the school office, we sell new and second hand uniform and offer EftPos for payment. 


  • Tuesday: 2.30pm – 3:30pm

  • Thursday: 2.30pm – 3:30pm

  • Other times available via arrangement at the office.


  • Girls shoes are black leather style, T-bar, lace-up or velcro

  • Boys shoes are black leather style, lace-up or velcro

  • Roman Sandals are black leather style. These may be worn during summer terms 1 and 4 by both boys and girls

Summer Uniform Year 1-6 (Centre) and Year 7-10 (Outside)

Summer Uniform Year 1-6 (Centre) and Year 7-10 (Outside)

Middle School Winter Uniform (Years 7 - 10)

Middle School Winter Uniform (Years 7 - 10)

Uniform may be purchased from

  • The School Uniform shop 

  • Our Suppliers are Mainland Uniforms, Wairakei Road, Harewood

Sports Uniform

Sports uniforms is compulsory from year 4 to 10, and optional for students in year 3 and below. A sports uniform is not required for younger students but may be worn if parents so choose.  Each Friday Year 1-6 students may attend school all day in compulsory PE uniform. Sports style shoes are worn with the Sport uniform.


For further information contact the school office on

03 3593595

[Download] Boys Winter Uniform 

[Download] Girls Winter Uniform

[Download] Boys Summer Uniform

[Download] Girls Summer Uniform

[Download] Mainland Uniform