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House System and House Leaders

      Red House          Green House        Yellow House    

     Blue House     
 House Leaders        S Booth  Ashlyn Hardy  A Morrison Tyla Lopez
         2013 Gabby Wilson Bethany Bay Maisie Stavrou John-Luke Langford

House Shield
The holders of the house shield (won in 2012) is GREEN HOUSE

House System

The school runs a four colour house system. Students are grouped into a House family on commencement at school. Every staff member is also assigned to a House and stays with their House while at Emmanuel Christian School.

Each house has one appointed and one elected student leader, these students are given responsibility under guidance from the house teachers to motivate, organise and lead each house during a range of fun and or competitive school activities e.g. school sports, tabloid sports etc. Students are taught about “being a good sport” and “playing fairly”. A shield will be awarded at the end of the year to the house with the most points gathered at the school. Points may be earned by participating in sporting events, winning events, being nominated for lighthouse awards and by demonstrating and living the school’s "Special Christian Character" the ESCWay. Student leaders are awarded house leader badges to wear with their uniform.