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Student Council

Student Councillors 2013
Amy Morrison, Joel Ross, Gabby Wilson, Sam Freeman, Nanaia Gilpin, Faith Morrison, Shavaughn Baker, Maddison van Wilk, John-Luke Langford, Bethany Bay.

The Student council
The whole school benefits from organised student involvement in decisions and activities at school. The Student Council has an important role in providing leadership opportunities in school activities through service and to involve children in class and school communication processes. The Student council has a particular responsibility to ensure through their leadership activities and service  they emphasis and promote the Special Christian Character of our school.

Student Council Elections / Application
The student Council is elected annually by peers based on representation as follows.
Council election will take place during the month of March/April each year
1. The Principal appoints 2 students to the Council
2. The Principal calls for applications for student council
3. Teachers responsible for each class hand out Student council position descriptions and application forms
4. Students are given one week to put in an application (Students are encouraged to talk with their parents before applying)
5. Applications are sent to the Principal or Principal nominee
6. A student nomination list is confirmed, made up and circulated to each class through the class room teacher
7. Students vote for the student of their choice from within their class
8. Students have 1 vote for a student in their class
9. Votes are counted and students advised at Assembly, badge awarded.

Roles on the Student council
Chairperson (with casting vote)
Treasurer (if required)

Roles and Responsibilities

Being on the Students council requires commitment. Students selected for council must be prepared to give up time to attend meetings, organise events, represent the council and school, and take an active role promoting the schools special character. Being a positive role model is an essential part of the role.

Representation on Student Council is dependent on each student demonstrating through action the Emmanuel Christian School Way. 

E Excellence
C Christ like Character
S Service
W Wisdom

Student councilors will report back to their classes on decisions made. Classes will have the opportunity to raise and discuss issues to be forwarded to the Student Council for discussion.

Student council will;

1. Take an active role in School Assembly’s
2. Hold fortnightly, or as needed meetings, minuted by the secretary and be available for all students to read.?
3. Will be invited to at least one Board of Trustees’ meeting each year to report on their activities. The Council may attend additional BOT meetings as needed.
4. Have their names and photographs displayed in the School Office foyer.
5. Communicate school wide activities with the Student & Parent community through any combination of School website, newsletter, Council minutes.
6. Advocate for and on behalf of all students, putting students views forward. (Student voice)

The Council will place a particular emphasis on:

* Running mufti days for fundraising
* Helping to organising and assist with school wide events i.e. sports days, daffodil days, cross country, house events etc.
* Take an active part in school assemblies
* Provide student voice feeding thoughts, suggestions and concerns to the Principal and staff
* Promote the school environment (sustainability, trees, gardens, recycling)
* Promote the ECS Way through leadership and service