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Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees Emmanuel Christian School Board of Trustees The Board of Trustees (BoT) is the governing body of Emmanuel Christian School. The BoT has legal responsibility for everything that happens within the school and is mandated to provide an environment in which our children can grow. Through its policies and strategic direction of the school it monitors the implementation and outcomes.

The Principal acts as the CEO of the school and is responsible for day to day management of the school.The board meets twice a term. The agenda is placed in a folder in the entrance foyer in the week of a board meeting and minutes and finance report are placed in it after each meeting.

Meeting dates are advertised in the newsletter. Board meetings are open to the public and observers are welcome but may not take part unless they have been granted speaking rights. If there are any issues that you would like attended to please note that your first point of call is the Principal. They will then be referred to the board as necessary.

Board membership
A standard Board of Trustees includes between three and seven parent elected trustees, the principal of the school, one staff elected trustee, one student elected trustee (in schools with students above Year 9), co-opted trustees and up to four trustees appointed by the proprietor (in state integrated schools only such as ours).

Boards of Trustees must hold elections for parent and staff trustees every three years (triennial election). A board may also decide to adopt a mid-term (staggered) election cycle where half the parent representatives are elected at a mid-term election (18 months after the triennial election) and the remainder are elected at the triennial election. Elections for student trustees must be held annually in September in schools with students above Year 9.

Source: NZSTA (New Zealand School Trustees Association, www.nzsta.org.nz)

Board of Trustee Members
Mr K Morrison     
 Parent elected  
Mr I Murray   Principal       
Mrs J Milton Proprietor representative Proprietor appointed
Mrs T Gilpin Parent representative
Parent elected
Mr G Le Roux   Proprietor representative   Proprietor appointed  
Mr S Henderson
Parent representative
Parent elected
Ms D Moot   Parent representative
  Parent elected   
Mrs L Klok   Parent representative   Parent elected   
Mr S Purvis   Staff representative    Staff elected