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Enrolment Information

Thank you for your interest in our school. In building a relationship with our parents we strive to achieve a partnership, which enable students to reach their potential.

Enrolment may be made at any time for a place at Emmanuel Christian School for students from New entrant (5 year olds) to year 8, year 9 student from 2014 and year 10 students 2015.

Enrolment – Procedure
  • Parent makes application (school visits are encouraged before application)
  • Application assessed and interview with Principal and Parent(s) may be required
  • If all places are full, children are placed on a waiting list, parents informed by letter and a ballot for available places take place. (The enrolment scheme criteria is used to determine priority for available places)
  • Offer of place for the child(ren) made in writing by the school
  • Parents accepts place for their child(ren) along with a $250 deposit per child
  • Date for children to commence confirmed

Enrolment – (Pre-enrolment)
Applications for enrolment in a particular year may be made in advance at any time. In cases where parents have signaled an intention to enrol in this way, the school will contact the parents prior to the enrolment season to confirm whether enrolment is still being sought. 

Enrolment during the year
Enrolment during the year is welcomed from parents from all age groups Year 1 to Year 10.  Places become available on occasion during the school year, please feel free to contact the school to enquire.

Enrolment Preference / Non preference
The Integration Act (1975) gives preference for enrolment to those parents who have a particular connection with the school through membership of a Christian Church and whose beliefs are consistent with those in the Statement of Faith (see application form for details) as defined within the Special Character of the school.

If there are more applicants than places available, the school will follow the current Enrolment Scheme. An annual ballot is likely to be necessary. Under paragraph 21 (a) of the school's Integration Agreement, priority will be given to prospective pupils whose parents/guardians are:

*are members of a Christian Church
*have beliefs consistent with the Statement of Faith. (see enrolment and application form)

Enrolment Forms
Application Form
Enrolment Scheme
Prospectus Middle School