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ERO Report April 2012

Education Review Office

Education Review Office gives the thumbs up…...

ERO visited our school in 2012 to investigate how the school is run and to assess student progress and achievement along with the effectiveness of our educational programmes. To view the full ERO report click on the link above.

Summary of Findings

 We have received a very good ERO report…. A “thumbs up”.

The purpose of ERO’s review is to give parents and the wider school community assurance of the quality of education that the schools provide and their children receive.
An ERO school report answers the question “How effectively is this school’s curriculum promoting student learning - engagement, progress and achievement?” Under that overarching question ERO reports on the quality of education and learning outcomes for children and for specific groups of children including Maori students, Pacific students and students with special needs. ERO also reports on the quality of the school’s systems for sustaining and continuing improvements.

What ERO had to say.

1. Context:  What are the important features of the school that have an impact on student learning?
a. Students are well supported by caring and supportive relationships with their teachers
b. The school's special character and Christian values are well integrated into the school programmes
c. Parents are welcomed into classrooms and have good opportunities to be involved in their children’s learning

2. Learning:  How well are students learning – engaging, progressing and achieving?
a. Students learn in well managed classrooms. There are high expectations for student learning and behaviour. 
b. Data shows that most students have made good progress toward meeting school expectations.
c. Some groups of students made significant progress in 2011 to achieve well above the National Standard.
d . The school has developed an effective self-review process to improve teaching and learning.
e . The school's inclusive and caring environment supports learning and achievement in all groups of students.

3. Curriculum:  How effectively does the school’s curriculum promote and support students learning?
a. Students benefit from a well balance curriculum. 
b. Senior leaders have high expectations of good practice for teaching and learning.
c. Staff have developed a collaborative approach to improve learning outcomes for students.

4. Sustainable Performance:  How effectively does the school’s curriculum promote and support students learning?
a.The board and senior leaders have a strong focus on school growth and improvement.
b.There is a school-wide culture of reflection and self review.