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Name Position      - Responsibilities
Mr I Murray Principal   -          School Leadership, Year 9 Science, Foundation Studies
Mrs S Thomas DP - Primary School        -             Year 5, SENCO, Gifted & Talented
Numeracy Leader 
Mr C Gordon DP - Middle School -      Middle School Y7-10, Pastoral Care, eLearning, EOTC
Mrs C Down      Teacher Room 1   New Entrants, Reading Recovery, Literacy
MrsG Kleinedeters      Teacher Room 2  Year 1&2
Mrs P Hawke  Teacher Room 3   Year 2, Choir
Miss R Nicholson Teacher  Room 4   Year 3
Miss R Burrows Teacher Room 5   Year 4/5
Mrs E Hussey Teacher
Room 6   Year 6 TiC - English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
Mrs D Woodlock Teacher Room 8   Middle School, ICT Leader
Mr S Purvis  Teacher Room 9   Middle School, BoT staff rep
Mrs S Single
Teacher                  Languages and Arts / Music Coordinator
Mrs C Gomez Administrator Office      Office Administrator, Accounts, Payroll, Reception
MrsS Kennedy Administrator  - Office Administrator, Enrolments, Reception / Learning Support
Mrs E Steer Teacher Aide          -     Learning Support, Librarian
Mrs M Spoelstra Teacher Aide          -       Learning Support,  ESOL 
MrsF Brown Teacher Aide          -       Learning Support